These resources are provided to assist you in continuing your learning on your own time, or with a study group. Kuwasi Balagoon Liberapton School also holds rebular study groups in which we discuss these texts. Contact us for more information.

Orientation Slideshow
47 slides

The Powerpoint slideshow for the introductory class. It goes through history, contemporary context, and revolutionary theory.

Burning Down the American Plantation:
Call for a Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement
45 pages

The pivitol text of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement which details history, theory, and pragmatics of the meovement. This is the more detailed poltical framework upon which the Kuwasi Balagoon Liberaion School is based.

KBLS Continued Study Reader
350 pages

A large collection of supplementary texts covering topics from conflict resolution to black struggle and beyond. This reader is the basis for the Continued Study program of the Kuwasi Balagoon Liberation School.